Application of Koshimei new equipment two-color injection molding machine in two-color products

2018-10-09 14:30:00        0

With the transformation of domestic two-color molds and changes in industrial innovation, the market prospects and trends of various industries in the mold injection industry have gradually become clear. Ke Shimei Tan said: The mold industry is mainly engaged in technological innovation, and relatively technological upgrading is also necessary. This is an important condition for the rapid development of the mold injection industry and market demand. Today, Xiaobian tells you about the application of the two-color injection molding machine of Keshimei New Equipment in two-color products.

The two-color injection molding machine is a technology that can produce high-gloss surface at one time and has two layers of different colors inside and outside. The application of this technology can greatly enhance the appearance of the whole product. Compared with the ordinary two-color two-color injection molding, the large-scale two-color vertical injection molding machine has great differences in product characteristics, mold structure, action sequence, gate setting The difficulty is greatly increased.

The two-color injection molding machine is separately injection molded inside and outside, so the mold needs two sets of cavities and two sets of cores, two of which are completely identical, and can be interchangeably matched with two sets of cores; both sets of casting systems are located in The core side belongs to the reverse mounting structure; the ejector is also placed on the core side, and the oil pressure is used for ejection. Together with the cooling system, the complexity of the entire core side structure is greatly increased.

In continuous production, the outer layer injection is performed simultaneously with the inner layer injection, so the molding cycle is substantially close to the conventional injection molding. The two-color injection molding machine technology can be combined with the high-gloss non-fusion mark injection molding technology. The high-temperature and high-pressure hot water or steam is used to heat the mold in the production, and the cooling medium is quickly switched after the injection is realized to quickly cool the mold, and the surface has no melt marks and has The high-gloss two-color plastic parts can significantly improve the appearance of the whole machine.

It is precisely because of the development trend of the mold injection industry, Keshmei deliberately introduced a new equipment two-color mold injection molding machine. This new equipment Garmin 300-ton two-color injection molding machine is A screw 38mmB screw 40mm, the amount of glue is A177g, B216g, the center distance of the gun nozzle is 560mm, the large mold thickness is 600mm, the small 200mm, suitable for medium-sized two-color products injection molding production.

Keshimei is a leader in the two-color mold injection molding industry. Every step of Keshimei uses high-quality raw materials, uses professional technology, and is fully committed to producing high-quality products, providing a complete customer service system. Two-color mold injection processing consulting hotline 0755-2940-8266

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