Welcome to Jingbin, Dongguan, to guide and congratulate Keshimei two-color mold injection small program online

2018-07-30 17:45:00        0

The good news of Keshimei two-color mold injection in July is really quite a lot. One of them has to be mentioned is the development department of Dongguan Jingbin Automobile EFI Equipment Co., Ltd. to visit our company. Another piece worth celebrating is the launch of the "Ke Shimei two-color mold injection small program". Xiao Bian believes that Koshimei is really fruitful in this July, and the harvest is full!

First of all, here, we welcome the development department of Dongguan Jingbin Automobile EFI Equipment Co., Ltd. to work hard to guide our work and production. Dongguan Jingbin Auto EFI Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Guancheng Science and Technology Park, China University Science and Technology City, Guanlong Road, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. It is a wholly-owned enterprise invested by Jingbin, Japan. It mainly produces and sells electronically controlled fuel injection systems and automobiles. Development of electronic equipment systems, fuel pumps and software related to the above products, compressors for automotive air conditioning systems and related components.

Because of the outstanding advantages of Keshimei in the two-color mold injection processing industry, it has been very positively recognized by the Keihin Automobile EFI device, and this trip will be guided. In this regard, the company is honoured, and the pertinent suggestions given by Jingbin during the work guidance are also listened to with humility and appropriate corrections.

In addition, Xiao Bian also wishes to congratulate the Kosei two-color mold injection small program on the line. The WeChat applet is an application that can be used without downloading and installing. It realizes the dream of the application “at your fingertips”. Users can open the application by swiping or searching. So from now on, you can find the company in the WeChat small program by searching for “Ke Shimei two-color mold injection molding”.

With the WeChat applet, it is more convenient for friends who need Ke Shimei two-color mold. Keshimei two-color mold injection small program allows everyone to save a lot of trouble, later in this area of demand, you can search for Ko Shimei small program, or call us!

Keshimei owns 5 sets of imported CNC equipment, Xia Mier, Sodick, Dimon EDM, and also has 14 sets of two-color injection molding machines of Bochuang, Dema, Fuqiangxin, Haitian, Jiaming, Rijing, Yizhan and so on. 3 sets of monochrome injection molding machines; three-dimensional, two-dimensional detection instruments. It is precisely because of the many advanced equipments that Cosme has, it can guarantee the quality of the products. Let more customers and partners increase their confidence and trust in Koshimei.

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