The cause of the common problems in the two-color mold during the injection molding process

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The two-color mold is one of many mold products. Because it can have two colors, it can make the appearance of the product more beautiful and popular. The production of two-color molds is also more difficult than the general molds. The two-color molds often encounter some problems during the mold opening process. The following is a brief introduction to the causes of common problems in the injection molding process of two-color molds.

Spilled glue

The reasons for the overflow of glue in the two-color mold opening are generally as follows:

1. The preload of the mold preload is insufficient;

2, poor molding conditions, a shot of the finished product is not full;

3, the size of a shot die is not in place, resulting in insufficient thickness of the finished product;

4, if the second shot is PU, TPE and other soft materials may be the material temperature, the mold temperature is too high.

The glue line is obvious

The obvious reason for the glue line in the two-color mold opening is:

1. The mold is not exhausted or the exhaust is insufficient;

2, the gate position is not good

3. Poor molding conditions, low material and mold temperature, low injection pressure and low rate of fire.


The reason why the finished product is released in the two-color mold opening is generally

1. The temperature difference between the male and female molds is large;

2. The male model has insufficient grip and the master model has a large grip:

3, the mother mold surface adhesion is greater:

4. The resin shutter is abnormal;

5, the switch mode is abnormal


The reasons for the occurrence of finished crush in the two-color mold opening are generally:

1. The amount of pre-pressure is too large;

2, the two shots are not partially avoided or avoided in the air;

3, a shot-off deformation caused by crushing when two shots.

The above is the analysis of the formation of common problems in the injection molding process of the two-color molds introduced by Keshimei two-color mold manufacturers. I hope to provide you with reference.

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