How to mold the injection mold

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Injection mold opening is an important part of the production of plastic products, in the process of injection mold opening process. It mainly covers four stages of filling - holding pressure - cooling - demoulding, which directly affect the quality of plastic parts. The following Ke Shimei two-color mold manufacturers will come to you to specifically introduce the injection mold opening process.

1. Mold filling stage

Mold filling is the step of all the molds in the process of producing plastic parts. The injection time is from the time when the injection mold is closed and the injection is completed until the cavity is filled to about 95%. In the case of normal mold production, the shorter the plastic filling time, the higher the molding efficiency of the product.

2. Pressure keeping stage

In the mold holding stage, the pressure is continuously applied. As the pressure of the injection molding machine increases, the density of the plastic increases. During the mold holding process, the mold cavity is slowly filled with plastic, which causes the back pressure of the mold to gradually increase.

3. Cooling stage

In the molding of the mold, the design and arrangement of the cooling system is also very important. Because plastic products can only reduce the deformation of plastic products due to external force when the product is demolded and the temperature of the injection mold is cooled to a certain rigidity, the appearance of the product is guaranteed.

4. Demoulding stage

The demolding stage is the latter part of the injection molding process. Demolding has a very important influence on the product, and the mold release method is improper, which may result in uneven surface stress during demolding, and defects such as product deformation when it is ejected.

The above is the analysis of how to open the mold for the injection mold, I hope to give you a reference.

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