How to extend the service life of two-color molds

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Many products used in life are made of two-color molds. For mold manufacturers, it is very important to extend the service life of two-color molds. Extending the life can effectively reduce the purchase cost of mold manufacturers, increase the production profit of enterprises, and affect the two-color. The factors of mold life include the structural process of plastic parts, the material of plastic parts, the structure of molds, mold materials, mold manufacturing, production operations, etc., then how to extend the service life of two-color molds

Daily maintenance refers to the cleaning, inspection, and moving of normal two-color plastic molds. This work is usually to confirm that the mold is in a normal state and that an abnormality can be detected early.

The purpose of the improved maintenance is to extend the life of the two-color plastic mold, stability quality, easy maintenance, etc., and the improved partial mold is particularly easy to maintain.

Third, if the two-color plastic mold repaired in the accident state is forcibly processed, there will be some changes, and the failure cannot be continued. For example, the burrs become larger and the wrong size, such as scars, burning of mold parts. Because the similar abnormality starts the repair and maintenance of the mold, it is called an accident. This type of maintenance is usually used up to the near limit, and if the cost of maintenance is more important, life is a short mold. Because this is a sudden maintenance, there must be a device in the planned stop, and emergency repairs.

Fourth, and importantly, regular maintenance is a top-of-the-line mold wear curve that exists in every mold. Mold repair is an abnormal wear in the field of realization, and the amount of press processing is easy to learn during this time. When the number of processing is satisfied, especially the maintenance of the two-color plastic mold maintenance plan, it is not only easy to learn maintenance items, but also easy to control the maintenance time.

The above is the analysis of how to extend the service life of two-color molds. This article introduces you from four aspects, I hope to help everyone.

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